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Curriculum and Instruction
The mission of the UT-UCS Department of Curriculum and Instruction is to work together to create and maintain a quality-learning environment for all by fostering effective communication among community, teachers, and administrators. The department ensures federal and state compliance in all areas of education by providing leadership for educational research and overseeing the vertical alignment of the K-12 curriculum and instruction. The department evaluates the K-12 instructional programs and services to support each campus in their quest to successfully accomplish the district goal of great student performance.
The work of the Division of Curriculum & Instruction is to cultivate an educational community of productive and well-informed administrators, teachers, and students who are able to reach their full potential. The division is committed to meeting national standards for educational excellence through its continuous efforts to provide high-quality curricular support programs and activities through community alliances; international, national and local collaborations and regional partnerships. Provide leadership, service, and support to District staff, parents, facilities, and community; Focus the educational environment, practices, and programs of the District on student learning; and Ensure that each student becomes a successful member of society.
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