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Campus Information

     A beautiful white stone building nestled in the heart of Austin, in loving memory of Annie Laurie Small houses The University of Texas - University Charter School at Settlement Home.  The campus serves approximately 35 girls (grades 6-12) which reside onsite at The Settlement Home for Children. 
      Students at Settlement Home receive instruction daily from a well-trained, educated, and nurturing educational staff of three full time content teachers, one music teacher, one part time career technology  teacher, and three instructional assistants. The seven period schedule allows our high school students to receive up to 3.5 credits a semester.  High school electives taught by the part time staff are double blocked and taught every other day.  Our staff is 100% certified and highly qualified. Their expertise is evidenced  in the way that they differentiate for their learners in the multi-grade classrooms. The staff includes a Principal, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP), and an Academic Transition Counselor which also have duties at other district schools. 
      During the 2016-2017 school-year, the Settlement Home campus is focused on providing activities and skills to supply middle school students with a solid learning foundation for high school and guide high school students as they prepare to leave the structured school and residential environment. 
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