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UT-UCS believes that infusing technology into classroom instruction will create students who are academically competitive, technology literate, motivated and engaged in the learning process. UT-UCS strives to give students, teachers and other school affiliates the opportunity to grow, be progressive, do new and interesting things in a safe, efficient and useful manner.
UT-UCS ensures that throughout the District, information technology is well maintained, useful and available. UT-UCS recognizes the increasing expectations for schools to provide students with coherent, high-quality educational opportunities in preparation for success in the Information Age. UT-UCS strives to integrate technology into instruction, increase district communication, and provide support to the administrative functions required to operate the district.
Four Core Goals Are:
  • Teachers and students will be able to efficiently access, process and communicate information through the use of technology using a robust infrastructure.
  • Teachers will be provided with training regarding the integration of appropriate evolving technology into curricular areas and proficiency in the use of technology.
  • Provide a networked administrative system to deliver secure online processing, maintenance and management of the district’s financial, administrative and student information.
  • Provide a wide variety of technology resources for teachers, students and administrators to promote innovative educational solutions and emphasize cooperative learning.