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Cedar Crest Hospital offers three very distinct patient care programs for children. An acute inpatient program which is designed to stabilize immediate psychiatric needs for patients of all ages and their loved ones. Care staff work to manage medication, provide a multitude of therapeutic approaches, and help clients to learn the skills necessary to prevent another crisis situation in the future. The residential treatment center (RTC) for adolescents provides a safe, healing space for adolescents struggling to overcome emotional problems, chemical dependency, or both. Care staff know that teens today face a vast array of challenges and pressures, and work to teach clients healthy ways to handle stress and develop the life skills needed to be a productive, happy member of society. The partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a therapeutic day program for children and teens who are struggling with chemical dependency, mental illness, or a combination of the two. Care staff provide clients with the necessary life skills and coping mechanisms needed to be successful at home, school, and in their community.


University of Texas University Charter School at Cedar Crest provides a fully accredited educational program for children and adolescents in grades K-12. Highly qualified teachers offer the Texas High School Foundation Program and other services for remediation, special education, 504, and credit recovery/acquisition.

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