The University of Texas at Austin

We Make A Difference

The University of Texas-University Charter School (UT-UCS) is a university charter school within the Division of the Diversity and Community Engagement at The University of Texas.

UT-UCS is comprised of multiple campuses serving more than seven hundred students in kindergarten through grade twelve. Each campus is located on and provided classroom and office space by its facility partner. The students enrolled in UT-UCS have diverse educational backgrounds and needs. These varied backgrounds include those who have a history of success in schools to those who have not attended school regularly or who were not successful when they attended school. The abilities of the students range from highly gifted and talented to severe intellectual impairment. At any given time, thirty-five to forty-five percent of the students are eligible for special education services. On some campuses this number may go as high as one hundred percent. The state average is about nine percent.